• Baker's One Premixes

    With our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to select quality products to develop our house brand Baker's One premixes.

    Our cookies, cakes and pastry premixes are exclusively created and meticulously tested in order to attain the highest quality. It is easy to use as each pack comes with essential ingredients and simple step-by-step instructions. With a team of in-house chefs and food economists...
  • Class Schedules

    Our classes are design for student with special needs, new baking sales technicians, hobbyist who need a refresher and baking enthusiasts wishing to develop new bakery products, Café owners or owner to be, creative culinary training for adults and children too.

  • EKS Products

  • Our Retail

    Your 1 stop baking supplies centre… Our specialty outlets, established with a complete range of * Baking ingredients * Bake wares, accessories and gadgets * Baking utensils and equipments * Baking and cooking books and magazines * Cakes decoration and accessories

  • Our Bake Shop

    FROM OUR BAKE SHOP Welcome to our Bake Shop… Take a tour in our Bake Shop you may want to explore some of our creation made-to-order to our customers ‘wish’ and the ideas or theme for your next cake. Orders are taken with great care, cater to each customer requirement.


Monthly Class /Event Highlight

Pick up this traditional skill

Baker's One Cooking Classes

Our leisure classes/workshop are designed to make cooking accessible, easy and fun for novice as well as advance chefs So students of any culinary ability and background are welcome!

Nasi Lemak Cookie Mix

Inspired by local flavor, we proudly present Baker's One Nasi Lemak Cookie Mix… Generally it is crunchy and a slight spicy after taste…

Roller Grill Oven

A unique technology developed by Roller Grill…, associating infrared quartz salamander to convection oven : two professional technologies to be used at home to reach perfect cooking results in full respect of food nutritional values...

Magimix - Food Processor - Prestige made in France

A food processor has become a must for every family today. It does many works without you requiring spending on other appliances like mixer grinders, juicers etc.

Kuhn Rikon Pastry Decorating Set

With this tool set, you can customize all your home baked creation into decorative designs like a professional. It’s as easy as writing and drawing with a regular pen, you can frost and decorate cake, pastry or even cookies...